NY Fish Tuna

The reason why we become the leading Japanese seafood wholesale in New York in a very short time is that we always provide the high quality tuna.

Our tuna comes from Hawaii, Panama, Ecuador and Asian sea area. Our fresh fish suppliers are all over the world. We always have fresh tuna arrive by air every day, so that we can ensure tuna in a fresh and high quality condition.

Hero Rice

As we all know, high quality sushi because of high quality rice. We own the largest rice planting base in California. There are three different kind levels of rice. Our rice looks clear as crystal, tastes delicious, and has proper viscosity. As a reason, our rice is popular in North American and overseas.

Quality & Safety

The reason why New York Fish rise so rapidly to become one of the largest Japanese seafood wholesales in eastern coasts of United States is that we always put the safety and quality of foods in the first place. We enhance the management, deepen the reform, and improve the quality of our employees. We get certificates from Seafood HACCP Alliance, New York State and Food and Drug Administration to ensure all the foods we are selling in a healthy and reliable condition. At the same time, our company also has a product quality investigation team. We will ensure the safety and quality of foods from the production stage, import stage to the storage stage. Please choose New York Fish, you will never regret.